What you can expect

  When Liberty Information finishes a project or places a candidate, organizations often comment that the technical prowess of the personnel was way ahead of the curve. As a rule our consultants have 20+ years in the IT industry and our candidates have a minimum of 10. We provide high-end resources and we are often called in to clean up the mess that a “big 6” consultant left behind. Several of our consultants were authors of the O’Reilly Manuals or the technical bibles of the IT industry. Green can be a great term when referring to nature and the environment, but when it comes to technological savvy green can be a negative attribute. To that end we have put together a team of super technical consultants with years of accumulated knowledge between them. Always one step ahead of the competition, Liberty Information delivers candidates that have been carefully assessed for technical knowledge – past, present and future. We want you to feel assured that we will send you an individual who fully understands how IT operated in the past, how it is operating now and where IT is trending in the future.  In order to know that we are sending you the best possible candidate, we listen carefully to your needs and make the effort to understand your working environment. Only then can we be sure that we are bringing you the best person for the job you have to fill, or the best team for the project that needs to come in on schedule. Our goal is success – for our clients, our consultants and our candidates.